Data Collection Work Flow

Data is collected at the flight test site by flying the mapping plan with the S1. This process typically involves setting up ground control points to improve the accuracy of the photogrammetry process and provide quality control for the resulting orthomosaics and point clouds. More information on flying the S1 can be found here.

  1. Setup your ground control points. Be sure to use a sufficient amount for your area.
  2. Setup the aircraft and ground station.
  3. Power on and perform the pre-flight checklists.
  4. Check that the landing area you drew is clear of obstacles and the aircraft is landing into the wind. If not, manipulate it so both conditions are satisfied.
  5. Launch the aircraft.
  6. When the aircraft is at altitude in the orbit, start your mapping plan.
  7. When the map is finished, command the aircraft to land.

The image below shows an example flight path from an S1 mission with the photo locations displayed in red.