In this chapter a typical workflow is presented for mapping; one of the most common mission types for UAS. The workflow here will highlight using the S1 and the SwiftTab to prepapre for, plan, and execute a mapping mission. The overall workflow includes the following three tasks:

  1. Planning and Preparation: Which includes charging all batteries, downloading maps, and preparing flight plans.
  2. Data Collection: Which involves setting ground control points and flying the aircraft to collect the data.
  3. Post-flight data processing: Which includes downloading the images, tagging, and utilizing the photogrammetry software.

The mapping mission uses an onboard camera taking a large set of still images with overlap. These geotagged images are processed using photogrammetry software to create different data products of large areas including topographic maps, orthomosaic images, digital surface models, and 3D point clouds which can be furthered utilized and processed.