Pre-flight Preparation

These steps must be done prior to going out to the flight test site. You will need the tablet, ground station, aircraft, charger, and a WiFi connection.

  1. Charge the Tablet to 100%.
  2. Charge the SwiftStation.
  3. Charge the Propulsion Battery
  4. Powerup the tablet and open the SwiftTab app.
  5. On the tablet Download Maps for the area of interest.
  6. On the tablet Download Terriain Data for the area of interest.

Setting up Flight Plans

BST recommends setting up flights plans at your office prior to heading out to the field. However, this is not required as flight planning can be done at the field or even while the aircraft is in the air. Setting up the flight plans for mapping involves three types of plans: the takeoff orbit, the mapping plan itself, and the landing plan.

The steps to create the flight plans for a mapping mission are as follows:

  1. Power on the SwiftStation.
  2. Power on the Aircraft. There is no need to install the wings or tail.
  3. Create the Takeoff Flight Plan and send it to the aircraft.
  4. Create the Landing Plan and send it to the aircraft.
  5. In the Mapping Tab set your desired:
    1. In-track overlap (at least 65%).
    2. Cross-track overlap (at least 65%).
    3. Mapping altitude overlap.
    4. Press the Send button.
  6. Create the Mapping Plan and send it to the aircraft.
  7. Power down the aircraft, SwiftStation, and tablet.
  8. Pack up the aircraft and ensure you have all of the parts.


Every mission plan can use up to 100 waypoints, therefore users must be careful to correctly distribute these waypoints between the mapping and landing parts of a mission. BST recommends that you reserve waypoints 90 and above for landing plans, and have the 0-90 range of waypoints for your mapping plans. Once that process is complete the tablet should have the plans similar to the following figure: