Post Flight Workflow


add references for light blinking patterns

  1. Power off the aircraft.
  2. Power off the RC Handset.
  3. Take out the camera and autopilot SD Cards. Using the USB adapters plug them into the ground station that is still powered on. Note that this tagging process can also be done back at the office. Even better, insert the SD cards in the field and let the images tag on the drive back.
  4. Once back at the office, place the tablet and SwiftStation on charge.
  5. Charge the Propulsion Battery to:
    1. 55% for storage.
    2. 100% if you're planning on flying again in the next few days.
  6. The images and logfile are now saved on the camera SD card in the folder bst_201x_xx_xx/tagged.
  7. These geotagged images are ready for upload and processing to your favorite processing software. The S1 data should work with any software package and has been successfully tested with:
    1. Drone Deploy
    2. Pix4D
    3. Icaros OneButton
    4. Drone Mapper


You can upload the logfile bst_201x_xx_xx/logs/LOG_XXX.BIN here to get a full flight report, plots, and the ability to export CSV files. This is a very powerful feature that gives you all of the information from your flight.