Before you head out to the field, ensure that you have all of the components for the system, the tablet, gcs and battery are charged, and you've set up your mission.


  • Flight pack battery (12.6V fully charged and balanced)
  • SwiftStation (8.4V fully charged and balanced
  • Tablet (100%)
  • Any spare batteries
  • Check your RC Transmitter batteries to see if they are good still (6.0V-4.9V) replace if necessary

Tool Kit

Philips screwdriver
Flathead Screwdriver
Lipo Tester
Allen Wrenches (3)
4 spare wing screws (2-black, 2-white)
Spare x-mount screws
Launch pin
Spare AA batteries (4)
Micro SD card USB sticks (2)
Transmitter neck strap
Spare GCS o-rings (2)
Pitot Cover with "Remove Before Flight" tag
Horzontal Stabilizer screws and plate

S1 Case

Camera SD card
AP SD card
Extra Flight Batteries
RC handset
Wings (2)
Horizontal Stabilizer
Tripod bag
X-mount (4 pieces total)
X-mount screw stub
SwiftStation and Tablet
Chargers for SwiftStation and Tablet


DC/AC inverter with outlet plugs
Any Ground Control Points you want to utilize
High visibility safety vests