A landing plan is a special type of flight plan that the aircraft will utilize to automatically land the aircraft. The plan will be auto-generated by the tablet based on the specifics of the aircraft and the settings in the Landing tab. The steps to create a landing plan are:

  1. Use the press-and-hold gesture on the map to bring up the flight planning menu.
  2. Select New Plan -> Create Landing from the menu.
  3. Type in a desired waypoint number.
  4. Select the AGL box and leave the altitude at zero.
  5. Use the single-click gesture to tap out two ends of the runway. The first one is the target landing point and the second is the end of the safe landing area. Note, it is imporant to make a sufficiently large landing area so that the aircraft has enough margin to land in.
  6. Select any waypoint in the landing plan and select Send Plan to upload the plan to the aircraft.
  7. It is very important to always setup the aircraft to land into the wind, or as close as possible given the landing area.
  8. Landing plans can be manipulated like regular flight plans. This is especially useful if the wind shifts in direction and you'd like to reverse the landing direction.
  9. Double tapping either orbit will place reverse it, very useful to avoid obstacles on one side of the approach.