A mapping plan is an generated plan based on the information entered into the Mapping Tab. The tablet uses information on the sensor field of view, desired overlap, and mapping altitude to auto generate the flight plan. This also includes auto triggering of the sensor on the flight legs. The following steps will depict how this is done:

  1. Open the planning menu by performing a press-and-hold gesture. Navigate through the menu to create a New Area.

  2. Define your desired mission area by simply tapping the locations of vertices that will define the edge of the area on the map. Note that the final vertex is defined by double tapping the starting vertex.

  3. Now that you have finalized your area, you are ready to generate a set of waypoints that will accordingly map/analyze that area. This is done by single-clicking any part of the area and selecting the Map feature of the pop-up menu.

  4. Rotation: The area mapping of the SwiftTab allows for 15 degrees rotations of the mapping plans by simply double tapping the area the plan was defined on (after the initial mapping waypoints have been generated).

  5. Once you have finalized the mapping waypoints so that they suit your mission, simply send the plan by selecting a waypoint and using the Send Plan feature of the pop-up menu.